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Drop-off and Pick-up - November 2017

Arriving at our headquarters:
Please follow the red route:
Continue down Malibar Blvd, then turn right at Vickers Gun Rd, which is before the parking lot between our two main buildings, turn left on Brouillette Blvd at the stop sign.

If you plan on staying for either our opening or closing parade, or coming to our office, there is plenty of parking in the green marked areas (in front of 5 Brouillette or along Lewis Gun Road). We ask that you refrain from parking in front of the Squadron Headquarters at 1 Brouillette (orange marked areas) or anywhere along the blue and red tracks.

If you are just dropping off or picking up, please continue and loop around 5 Brouillette, please drop your cadet(s) off here in a timely manner and be vigilant of other vehicles and people walking between the buildings.

Departing from out headquarters:
Please follow the blue route:
Continue along Brouillette Blvd, and turn left at Sir Sam Hughes Rd, then turn left onto Malibar Blvd towards Rifle Rd.

All of the roads at Connaught are marked with Stop signs, speed limits and other traffic should be respected at all times. We will be marshalling traffic as needed, please adhere to the instructions of these individuals unless you see an obvious safety concern.

Thank you very much.

Squadron Staff


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