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To the cadets of 706 Squadron:

The national cadet program headquarters has been hard at work over the last few months and has developed a comprehensive selection of stimulating activities to allow cadets to follow a virtual cadet camp this summer. 

Currently, 22 innovative, fun and challenging courses have been designed to provide a cadet experience during these times. A record of completion will be recorded on each cadet's file.

These courses will be delivered virtually through Microsoft Office Teams.

I encourage ALL CADETS to register for one of the virtual courses that will be offered this summer.  The catalogue of courses offered, dates and eligibility criteria are linked below.

Course List (english): Click Here

Catalogue des cours (francais): Cliquez-ici


To register, a cadet must complete the information in the attached e-mail preformat (copy – paste and add the required information) and send it to the following address: InscriptionCECVEst@cadets.gc.ca. Cadets will be able to send their registration e-mail as of Monday, 29 June at 11:00 AM not before.   In order to ensure a fair process, all registration applications received before this date and time will be rejected.

Registration Form: Click Here

Cadets may be selected in more than one course and may also be enrolled in their 2nd and 3rd course choices if the volume of applications allows.

There is NO end date for registration!  Cadets will be able to register for a course throughout the summer as long as the request is received at the above-mentioned address at least 5 working days before the start of the desired course.

As the squadron CO and staff are NOT involved in the registration process. Please direct questions to InscriptionCECVEst@cadets.gc.ca.

Microsoft Teams

Each cadet will recieve an account to access Microsoft Teams. The Learning Platform Team Leader will send an e-mail to notify the cadet of the creation of the account and provide the cadet with a temporary user name and password and instructions for downloading and installing the MS Teams application and finalizing the registration process on the platform.

This is a great opportunity for all cadets and I sincerely hope that you take advantage of the courses that will be offered. 

Major S. Southern
Commanding Officer