Training Night Timings

(N/A during virtual training) 1830 - 1845h Cadets arrive, Fall in, Roll Call, Inspections
(N/A during virtual training) 1845 - 1855h Opening parade, classroom assignments
1855 - 1925h Flight Time
1930 - 2000h Period 2
2000 - 2015h Evening Break
2020 - 2050h Period 3
(N/A during virtual training) 2100 - 2115h Final parade, announcements

Note 1: Cadets should not arrive prior to 15 minutes before the beginning of an activity.
Note 2
: Cadets are responsible for any material missed when absent from a Training Night.
Note 3: The training schedule is located on the Squadron Wesbite, under "Training and Orders" -  Training Materials.  Instructors are to ensure they have the most recent version from the site or from the Training Officer.