Here is the team of adult leaders responsible for our cadets. The officers are members of the Cadet Instructor Cadre branch which falls within Cadet Organistation Administration and Training Service (COATS), a sub-component of the Canadian Forces Reserves. Their primary duty is the training, supervision and administration of cadets. They do not work for the Squadron on a full-time basis; some are students, others have full-time jobs. However, all dedicate their spare time to helping cadets grow and achieve their potential. They are assisted from time to time by Civilian Instructors and members of other components of the Canadian Forces.

Position Name
Commanding Officer Maj Michael Broeders, CD
Training Officer Capt Kyle Czuczor
Administration / Air Studies Officer Lt Joseph Augé
Interim Supply / Level 2 Officer CI Gretchen Bimm
Level 4 Officer 2Lt Brad Sobczak
Level 3 Officer / Band Officer WO Megan Driscoll
Level 1 Officer CI Ed Moy
Biathlon Officer LCol Marco Dallaire