Membership Requirements

To be eligible for membership in the Royal Canadian Air Cadets a candidate must:

  • fill out all the required joining documents;
  • Have reach his/her 12th, but not 19th Birthday;
  • Be a Canadian Citizen or Landed Immigrant, or be an international student under the guardianship of a Citizen or Landed Immigrant;
  • Be acceptable to the CO of the Squadron;
  • Have parental or Guardian permission;
  • Normally be in good physical condition;
  • Not belong to another Cadet Unit (you can transfer to us by contacting the Administration Officer);

Cadets with physical or medical limitation may join Air Cadets, but may be excluded from certain activities, including Summer Training.  The safety and well being of the cadet is the major consideration and determining factor.

Parents should be aware that if a cadet is not capable of attending weekend training exercises and/or summer training, the cadet may not be eligible for promotion, summer camps or scholarship courses.  This does not mean that a cadet cannot have a rewarding career, in spite of these limitations.

For more information on the Canadian Cadets Organizations please visit the Government of Canada Cadets website.