Required Documents

In order to enrol in the Air Cadets, each candidate must provide the following:

  • Completed CF 1158 (download);
  • a photocopy* of the Health Card;
  • a photocopy* of one among these 4 documents:
    1.  a valid Canadian passport; OR
    2. a birth certificate; OR
    3. a valid resident card; OR
    4. a valid identification card issued by a Canadian government agency

*Note that the original documents must be presented for verification of authenticity.

These documents are to be emailed to All new cadets and parents are also encouraged to consult the New Cadet Guide Book.

If you are transferring from another Cadet Unit please provide us with contact information of your former Commanding Officer so that we can request your files. All transferring cadets will meet with the Training Officer prior to starting regular training.