Dress Regulations

Uniforms - Initial Issue or Exchange Requests

Uniforms (COVID-19 UPDATE)

  • Fill out the applicable form if you are are a NEW cadet requiring a new uniform, or a RETURNING cadet requiring an exchange.
  • Use the measurement guide - we do not accept measurements such as "Large" or "XL" or "32x30" - we a looking for specific measurements usually in inches.
  • Please allow 3-5 business days for us to process your request.
  • Cadets will only be issued a uniform once their registration is complete. There may be a delay due to shipping.

Measurement Guide 

New cadets: please complete the measurement form so we can order you a uniform (once your registration is completed).

Returning cadets: if you need to exchange uniform parts, complete the measurement form so we can set up a meeting with the supply officer as soon as possible.

Note: Measurement forms will open as pre-filled emails.


Air Cadet Dress Instructions & Uniform Regulations

1. Numbered orders of dress:



Winter (Nov-Apr)
Regular Parade Night FTU (C3B if FTU has not been issued) FTU (C3 if FTU has not been issued)
CO's Parade or other formal event C1A or C3 (as ordered) C1A
Mess Dinner C2 C2
Optional activies Relaxed civilian attire Relaxed civilian attire
Excursions / Trips C3B or FTU as ordered* C3 or FTU as ordered*
Summer Camps Usually FTU - verify kit list Usually FTU - verify kit list
Social events Relaxed civilian attire Relaxed civilian attire

*In some cases, cadets will be ordered to wear relaxed civilian attire.

2. The Cadet Dress Instructions are available for download, here: Dress Instructions (5 MB)

3. All questions regarding dress, deportment, drill or ceremonial shall be passed up the chain of command.

How to wear the Field Training Uniform (FTU)

706 Squadron will be one of the FIRST in CANADA to be outfitted with the new FTU's (Field Training Uniform)! As soon as cadets are issued this uniform, they will be expected to wear it for all regular training nights, the field training exercise and any other activity as designated by the CO. FTU's will also be worn at summer training courses!

But don't get rid of your dress uniform! You will need this for all ceremonial parades including CO's parades!

How to wear FTU's

The following items shall be worn (see photos below):

  • Wedge Cap (Until further notice, cadets have been authorized to wear the wedge cap with FTU's.)
  • Field Shirt
  • Blue T-shirt under the field shirt
  • Field Pants and Belt
  • Socks
  • Field Boots
  • Issued all-season jacket

Click here for more details


Caring for your FTU boots

Wearing of Civilian Attire during Cadet Training

1. Parade Nights

Proper civilian attire should be worn whenever a cadet cannot wear his/her uniform to regular training or other activities.

Proper civvies for all cadets consists of the following:

  • White dress shirt (tucked in)
  • Tie (black)
  • Dark dress pants
  • Dress shoes worm with socks (no running shoes)

Cadets may wear their squadron T-Shirt instead of the white dress shirt and tie (tucked in).

2. Relaxed Civilian Attire

Relaxed attire is worn on all other occasions or when ordered by the CO. When cadets are authorized to wear relaxed civilian attire (during team practices, social occaisions, or other activities), they are free to wear what they wish as long as it is in good taste and does not include the forbidden items listed below.

Sports/PT Gear

During sports or PT (Physical Training) activities, the following items must be worn:

  • Sport shoes and socks
  • Shorts or athletic pants (depending on preference and temperature)
  • T-shirt (a sweater may be worn depending on temperature)
  • If the activity is conducted outdoors, a hat (baseball cap or other)

Forbidden Items

The following items of clothing and accessories are not to be worn unless specifically authorized by the CO:

  • Oversized, low-rise or ripped pants.
  • Any item of clothing displaying distasteful or offensive language or images, such as sexual, racial, violent or other inappropriate themes.