Squadron Sponsor Committee Bursaries & Scholarships

706 Sqn Sponsoring Committee Bursary


The 706 Squadron Sponsoring Committee (SSC) would like to recognize and support 706 Squadron Air Cadets pursing a post-secondary education through the award of a bursary.


A maximum of $1500 in bursaries will be awarded.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Be a cadet of the 706 Air Cadet Squadron
  • Attending their first year of studies at a post secondary institution in September 2018 (College or University)  - please submit a photocopy of an acceptance letter to a university or college
  • Brief explanation of what the bursary would be used towards (e.g. tuition, housing, flights home)
  • Submit a presentation to the Squadron Sponsoring Committee, based on the topics and format outlined below, by the stated deadline.

Presentation Topics:

Cadets must choose one of the following topics for their presentation:

  1. What does bravery mean to you?
  2. What are the greatest challenges facing the Canadian aviation industry?
  3. How has the cadet program contributed to the person you are today and what you hope to become tomorrow?

Presentation Format:

Cadets can choose any of the following methods to present their chosen topic:

▪     Oral Speech (maximum 3 – 5 minutes in length and must be video recorded for submission)

▪     Written Essay (maximum 1000 word)

▪     Multi-media style presentation (3 – 5 minutes in length) Examples could include a Movie, Video, YouTube video, animation, a digital photomontage or presentation with voiceover.  These are just some examples.  The Sky’s the limit!  Creativity is encouraged! 

Evaluation Criteria:

Members of the SSC will evaluate the submissions based on the criteria outlined in the SSC Bursary Rubric.

Deadline for submission:

Presentations must be:

  • shared through Google Drive or other cloud storage product via email at address below, by Sunday, May 24th, 2020.  Please ensure your submission includes your name and cadet rank. 


Please don’t hesitate to speak with Ms. Mainville-Dale at 706ottawa.scc@gmail.com