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Information for Thursday November 26th

Details For the Training Night - Nov 19th

Scroll down for the schedule!

What to wear this week:

- Field Training Uniform (FTU)

(or appropriate civilian attire if you have not recieved FTU yet)

*Opportunity to raise funds for our Squadron*

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Please follow the steps below to sign up for FlipGive, an online rewards program for Teams. If you signed up last year for our 706 Team, you may need to sign in again to use your existing account. 

Do your online shopping through FlipGive and you will earn a percentage of what you buy to raise funds for 706.  

Step 1: Visit to sign up and download the app.

Step 2: Enter your Team Code to join the 706 team.  TEAM CODE:  VN756Z

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How to use Flip Give

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Questions? Feel free to email


Period 1: 7:00-7:30 - Period 2: 7:45-8:15

This week there will be only two periods.

Video Meeting links for this Thursday (all periods use the same link):


Level 2:

Level 3:

Level 4:

Level 5:

Other Announcements

  • The summer camp directive has been released. More info coming this week!
  • Annual Validation Forms: All cadets have been mailed their annual validation forms. Parents have the choice to send these back by mail or by email to These forms are due, please return them ASAP.
  • Detailed Health Questionnaires: Some cadets will need to complete this form as well (you will be notified). Please mail this form directly to the Regional Medical Liaison Officer (address and instructions are provided with the form). Do not email these completed forms as they contain sensitive medical information.
  • Merit Review Boards: For promotions to WO2 and WO1, begin preparing. More instructions will be provided to the level 5 cadets directly.
  • Supply exchanges: We are accepting appointment requests, although uniforms will not be issued until the situation improves in Ottawa and restrictions have been eased. Visit for more information and submit your requests ASAP so that we can have your order ready for pickup when we are able to meet in person.