About Us

The Sponsoring Committee of an Air Cadet Squadron are a group of parents and interested community members working in partnership with the Squadron staff to support the local training program in order to achieve the three (3) goals of the Royal Canadian Air Cadets, which are:

  • to develop leadership and good citizens,
  • to promote physical fitness, and;
  • to stimulate an interest in aviation.

It has the responsibility to ensure, with the help of its military partner, the proper functioning of the Squadron. The Committee represents the Air Cadet League within the local community, provides indispensable local support for squadron needs, provides financial support, and makes necessary arrangements for squadron activities.

The committee is comprised of five executive positions and a maximum of six directors.  As the Committee's mandate is for a one-year period, the committee is dissolved near the end of each training year and a new committee is elected from interested members of the Squadron community.

There are many small sub-committees formed throughout the year to deal with such items as fund raising activities, planning for the Annual Ceremonial Review parade, website maintenance, etc.

There are no prerequisites, other than the desire to help young people have fun, learn and grow. It is important to clarify that if you wish to join the Committee you must undergo a screening process, including a criminal background check, and must agree to comply with the League's regulations.

If you are interested in being a member of this committee and helping with fundraising and other support activities to aid the cadet program, we ask that you go to the Sponsoring Committee Tab of the website, select Committee Documents and then Screening Forms.  Please download and complete the screening forms, and upon completion, please bring them into the committee office (located in the Squadron headquarters at 1 Brouillette Blvd. Connaught Range) and a member of the Committee will complete the interview portion.

The main responsibilities of the 706 Snowy Owl Squadron Sponsoring Committee is comprised of, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Annually submit the Squadron's financial statement to the Air Cadet League of Canada – Quebec and Ottawa Valley Provincial Committee Publicize the aims of the squadron within the local community and at a regional level
  • Provide the squadron with suitable facilities for administration and training
  • Manage the squadron assets
  • Organize and conduct fund-raising campaigns to ensure the necessary funds are available for activities that are not subsidized by the Regional Cadet Support Unit.
  • Support the Annual Ceremonial Review
  • In collaboration with the Commanding Officer, support the recruitment of cadets, staff and volunteers
  • Ensure there is assistance in place to help prepare cadets for various scholarships and competitions offered (preparation of files, practice interviews, help with writing, etc)
  • Ensure all cadets are evaluated and treated fairly