Field Training Exercise - RESCHEDULED to November 24th

Due to a technical error, all cadets who signed up previously must sign up again. Click Here.

As this is a mandatory activity, absences must be authorized in advance!

The field training exercise has been rescheduled! The exercise will occur on Sunday, 24 November, at Connaught Ranges. This will be a 1-day exercise and cadets will learn aspects of field-craft, survival and they will participate in the Hikeathon!

The schedule for the day is as follows:

0700 hrs: Arrive at 5 Brouillette
0800 hrs: Training
1200 hrs: Lunch
1300 hrs: Training
1500 hrs: Hikeathon
1700 hrs: pack-up
1800 hrs: Departure from 5 Brouillette

Dress: Cadets are to dress appropriately for the weather. We expect the temperature to reach +4 degrees on Sunday, meaning that any snow remaining will melt and the ground will be wet. Therefore cadets should dress in layers, bring extra socks and wear waterproof boots if possible. At a minimum, cadets are required to have:

  • Warm coat (e.g. winter coat) and snow pants or waterproof pants
  • Touque and gloves
  • Boots (waterproof if possible)
  • Extra socks
  • Wearing shirt and pants
  • Backpack
  • Rain gear, if raining
  • Water bottle

More information and the sign up can be viewed in the Event Calendar.

UPDATED: Level 5 Workshops - November 23rd

The Performance Objective (PO) 513 Workshops of the mandatory Sea Cadet Phase 5, Army Cadet Master Cadet and Air Cadet Level 5 Programs will bring together cadets from the Outaouais zone. In order to meet the requirements of PO 513 (Participate in Workshops), all cadets from levels 5 are required to attend four workshops over a two-year period.

Details and Location on the Event Calendar.

Sign up: Closed


Dress for the day: C3E (same as C3 but replace the collared shirt with the blue t-shirt)

Cadets must bring their level 5 booklets so the instructor can sign off the training as being completed.

Pizza Party

The pizza party will go from 5:00 pm to 9:30 pm. Dress will be civilian attire. Bring $12 for your meal!

Cadets who have completed the workshop training already and are not attending the workshops can still attend the party! They are to notify Capt Mackenzie ASAP!

706 Squadron Merchandise Order - Nov 21 to Dec 5

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Shop online at our Pro2col Webstore between Nov. 21st and Dec. 5th
You can select and pay for any of the 706 approved items on this site. The SSC will pick-up all 706 squadron orders and distribute them at a parade night in early January Connaught.

All orders must be submitted by Dec 5th

Questions about 706 Merchandise? Please contact:
Note: Our webstore will open once more for a limited time in the spring of the 2019/ 2020 training year.

Squadron Sponsoring Committee Meeting - 21 November

An SSC meeting will occur this Thursday at 6:45 pm. Please meet at the parade square.

The meeting will be in troop shelter A.

Annual Validations

To all parents who have not yet completed their son/daughter's annual validation forms:

We are still waiting for approximately 10 forms to be returned. We are also waiting for several "Detailed Health Questionnaires" to be returned.

All parents with outstanding forms have been notified several times over the last few weeks. Parents and/or cadets have also been provided the documentation to complete. These forms must be completed and returned no later than November 28th. Beyond this date, the squadron has been directed that your son/daughter unfortunately cannot participate in any cadet activities.

Any questions should be directed to the Administration Officer, OCdt Augé (

National Summer Camps Applications Directive


The selection of Air Cadets for the following courses only will be involved in the National Air Cadet Selection Process:

  • IACE - International Air Cadet Exchange
  • PPS - Power Pilot Scholarship
  • GPS - Glider Pilot Scholarship.

Cadets interested in applying for these national summer courses must indicate their interest by submitting an application at the following link: Click Here.

Documentation supporting an application

The following documents must be recieved by the National Camps OPI no later than December 1st, 2019:

  • Destination Request Form (IACE only)
  • Weight / Height Form (PPS and GPS only)
  • For all three courses, report card for the last completed year (grade 11 maximum)

If selected, cadets may be required to submit further documentation.

Cadets applying for the PPS or GPS courses will need to submit their Transport Canada Category 3 Medical Certificate no later than May 15th, 2020. Over the years, experience has shown that cadets who do not apply for their medical certificate in the fall are less likely to meet the spring deadline. Therefore, cadets interested in these courses must begin the procedure with Transport Canada right now to ensure their valid medical certificate is presented on time. 

Pilot Exam

Cadets who apply for the PPS or GPS are required to complete the pilot exam. The exam will take place on January 18th, 2020. There will be no interviews that day.


All cadets applying for IACE, PPS and GPS are required to sit in an interview. Only a certain number of applicants will be invited, based on the maximum number the squadron can send (1 for IACE, and 4 for both PPS and GPS), and the results of the exam.  The interviews will take place on February 8th, 2020.

Useful Links

  • Selection prerequisites, including explanation of medical requirements: Click Here
  • Selection process: Click Here
  • National Scoring Matrix: Click Here

Important Note

Unlike previous years, application and selection to the following courses will be conducted through a seperate process and will be communicated at a later date:

  • AATC-AO - Advanced Aviation Technology Course - Airport Operations
  • AATC-AM -  Advanced Aviation Technology Course - Aircraft Maintenance
  • AASC - Advanced Aerospace Course

Cadet Correspondant Training - November 30th - December 1st

A session of Cadet Correspondent Workshop for Outaouais zone will be held from November 30 to December 1, 2019, at Connaught CTC. These workshops will be offered to third-year and + cadets and others who wish to learn more about the tasks of a cadet correspondent. Please note that the workshops will be offered in English and in French depending on the candidate’s language of preference.

Details and the sign up are on the Event Calendar. Cadets interested in this amazing training opportunity must sign up by November 16th. Spaces are limited. Selections will be made by the Regional HQ and not the squadron. Cadets selected will be notified.


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*NEW* Cadet Dress Instructions

The newly published national cadet dress instructions have been posted on this website. Check out the updates under "Training and Orders."

A uniform is an outward symbol of commitment, identity and ethos. Coupled with overall appearance, the uniform is the most powerful visual expression of pride by the individual and is the primary means by which the public image of the Cadet Program is fashioned. Uniforms identify all Cadets as members of a cohesive and national youth organization.

The Commanding Officer expects all cadets to adhere to the dress policy. The OPI for implementing this policy is the Standards Officer, Capt. Mackenzie and all questions should be directed through the chain of command to him.