What to wear for the next training night

30 January 2020 - Regular Training Night


FTU for cadets who have them (How to wear)
C3 for all other cadets (Click here for Dress Instructions)

2020 Applications: Advanced Aerospace, Aircraft Maintenance, Airport Operations

The following announcement applies to the following courses:

  • Advanced Aerospace Course
  • Advanced Aviation Technology Course - Aircraft Maintenance
  • Advanced Aviation Technology Course - Airport Operations

Applications are now open for Advanced Training Courses. Deadline is 16 Feb 2020 at 11:59pm. 

Application Form

Please read the full instructions before applying.

The three advanced training courses are subject to regional selection criterea. The cadet's file evaluation will be identical to that of the National Selection Courses with some exceptions. The report card is no longer evaluated, nor is there an interview.

Standard of Excellence

Cadets must demonstrate excellence in the following sections:

  • attendance at mandatory activities;
  • attendance at regionally directed activities;
  • age;
  • number of years in the program;
  • academic performance;
  • previous camps/staff attended; and,
  • rank.
  • Click here for the full explanation

Minimum Requirements:

  • Cadets must not be older than 19 by the end of the course, including travel dates
  • Cadets must be in level 3 by 30 June 2020
  • A successful review of the cadets file to be completed by the regional headquarters

Local File Evaluation

Cadets may apply to to only one of the three camps. The Commanding Officer will use the designated selection criterea locally to determine the top 5 cadet's applications to be put forward to the regional headquarters. Only a maximum of 4 cadets are eligible to be selected for each course.

More Information

There is more information available on the National Summer Camps section of the website.

Updated: 2020 Staff Cadet Applications

Applications are now open for Staff Cadet positions. Deadline is February 20 at 11:59pm. 

Position Guide / Application Form / Required Documents (to be sent to admin@706aircadets.ca ASAP)

UPDATE: Out-of-region positions ARE available in a very limited quanity. Cadets are strongly advised to apply for an Eastern Region position first in order to ensure much higher chance of being offered a spot. This year, the regional headquarters is focussed on increasing support for english-language camps within Eastern Region, so the priority will be to fill these spots over out-of-region spots. We do not have specific out-of-region positions to apply to, only the camp locations.

Please read the full instructions before applying.

Cadets will be assessed on the following criteria:

  • Qualifications as per Position Guide (for training positions, applicants MUST HAVE successfully completed a 6-week course)
  • Previous staff cadet experience
  • Previous summer courses
  • Attendance at Mandatory events
  • Attendance at optional/recurring events

Cadets must be:

  • At least 16 years of age by June 26th 2020
  • Currently in the Level 4 program or above.

Cadet can apply to three positions, but are able to change their choices until FEBRUARY 20, 2019 at 23:59. Cadets who have applied to National Courses are encouraged to apply to Staff Cadet positions, but will have their National Course applications considered first.

Winter Field Training Exercise - 7-9 Feb

Squadrons in the Ottawa Valley will participate in a regional combined-unit winter survival exercise in Low, QC. Cadets will be training on various aspects of winter aircrew survival as well as participate in a variety of interesting winter outdoor activities.

WhoThis activity will be offered only to cadet’s level 3 and up. Cadets are to sign up according to which group they belong to. For now we are looking for 15 cadets to attend.

When: 7-9 February 2020

Where: Departure information posted once confirmed. The location is Tucker Lake in Low, Quebec.

Kit List: To be posted

Sign up: Click Here

OPI: Capt Hoang

Power Familiarisation Flying - 16 Feb

Cadets will once again have the opportunity to fly in Powered Aircraft!

Who: All Cadets, with priority for cadets who have never flown.

When: 16 Feb 2020. Varous timeslots are available.

Where: Please be aware that in the past drivers have arrived at the wrong side of the airport.  Please direct drivers to 1500 Thomas Argue Rd, Carp, ON K0A 1L0. This is on the West side of the airport, and is accessed from March Rd. If drivers attempt to follow signs and enter via Carp rd, they will find themselves on the wrong side of the airport, and unable to access the correct building.

Dress: Cadets must come dressed for a winter flight.  This includes a proper winter jacket, gloves, hat and footwear.  In the unlikely event that the aircraft and its occupants need to wait somewhere without heat, everyone needs to be warm.  We may refuse to send cadets flying who (in our opinion) are not properly dressed. Bring a water bottle, snacks and things to do when not flying. 

Weather Call: Flying is a weather-dependent event. Please check the website before attending.

Sign Up: Click Here

OPI: OCdt Auge

Diefenbunker Tour - 22 Feb

Cadets will participate on a tour of the Diefenbunker! More details will be posted once confirmed.

Who: Available to all Cadets. We are looking for an initial sign-up of 60 cadets. This number may increase if there is further interest.

When: 22 February 2020

Sign Up: Click Here

OPI: Lt Simpson

Field Training Uniform - FTU

More uniforms are ready for distribution!!

Names will be announced and cadets can pick them up at the back door to the trailer at the end of the night.

How to wear FTU's

The following items shall be worn (see photos below):

  • Wedge Cap (Until further notice, cadets have been authorized to wear the wedge cap with FTU's.)
  • Field Shirt
  • Blue T-shirt under the field shirt
  • Field Pants and Belt
  • Socks
  • Field Boots
  • Issued all-season jacket

Click here for more details


Merit Review Boards - Promotion to WO2 and WO1

Merit review boards will occur soon.

You must submit your interest via memorandum format to Capt Mackenzie by 23 Jan.

Once we have a better idea of who is interested, we will announce an interview date. This date will be NLT February 9th.

CANCELLED: Aviation and Space Career Exploration Fair - Feb 11 – 13, 2020

Aviation and Space Career Exploration Fair  - Feb 11 – 13, 2020 
Canada Space and Aviation Museum
Special Open House for Cadets – Feb 11, 6:00 – 8:00 pm 
Good evening everyone,
An exciting opportunity is available for cadets!  The Canada Aviation and Space museum is hosting an Aviation and Space Career Exploration Fair.
The sky is obviously not the limit, as this event will showcase exhibitors representing careers in the fields of aviation and space; including:
• Engineers, scientists, IT
• Air navigation, simulation specialists, mechanical professionals
• Communications, human resources; and 
• Robotics and autonomous vehicle designers and developers. 
This is an opportunity for our future aviators and astronauts to learn first hand what working in these fields is really like, what types of summer jobs or co-ops are available, and what courses they’ll need to take in school to get there!
And…..it's FREE to attend!
Cadets interesting in attending can state their interest here: 

Careers in Aviation

Below you will find a list of career opportunities in aviation.

1. Jazz Approach

A partnership between CAE, Jazz Aviation and Seneca, Jazz Approach is the first pilot creation program of its kind in Canada.

Integrated Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL) training for 18 months at Seneca in Peterborough, Ontario. Bombardier CRJ200 type rating at CAE Toronto

Upon successful completion of the training program and subject to certain conditions, the graduates of the Jazz Approach will join Jazz as first officers

For more information visi: https://www.cae.com/civil-aviation/become-a-pilot/our-pilot-training-programmes/jazz-approach


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