Virtual Training Plan Thursday, November 19th, 2020

Details For the Training Night - Nov 19th

Scroll down for the schedule!

What to wear this week:

- Field Training Uniform (FTU)

- Level 2 cadets and their instructors - sports gear

Duke of Edinburgh Challenge Award Program
Reminder: 706 DoE DROP-IN this Thursday, Nov. 19th on Google Classroom
We are returning to the (pre-Covid) practice of having meetings of cadets enrolled in - or interested in - the International Duke of Edinborough Award Program (DoE) at the end of regular 706 training nights, once per month. Anyone interested in the DoE program is welcome to attend. Estimated duration: 30 minutes
THIS MONTH'S TOPIC: Progressing your award during Covid-19
Start time: 8:20 PM
Award Leader Wendy Boland wiill give a brief overview of the many different types of activities you can do during pandemic restrictions to move closer to achieving your award level. A general Q & A will follow. Use the following Google Meet link to attend:
See the emailed announcements for the meeting link
The International Duke of Edinburgh (DoE) Award program promotes independent goal-setting, skill-building, fitness, community service, resourcefulness, and perseverance. 
To find out more about the DoE program, visit:
To get in touch with Award Leaders, Laura-Lee Balkwill and Wendy Boland, email:



Period 1: 7:00-7:30 - Period 2: 7:45-8:15

This week there will be only two periods.

Video Meeting links for this Thursday by email.

Other Announcements

  • Annual Validation Forms: All cadets have been mailed their annual validation forms. Parents have the choice to send these back by mail or by email to These forms are due, please return them ASAP.
  • Detailed Health Questionnaires: Some cadets will need to complete this form as well (you will be notified). Please mail this form directly to the Regional Medical Liaison Officer (address and instructions are provided with the form). Do not email these completed forms as they contain sensitive medical information.
  • Merit Review Boards: For promotions to WO2 and WO1, begin preparing. More instructions will be provided to the level 5 cadets directly.
  • Supply exchanges: We are accepting appointment requests, although uniforms will not be issued until the situation improves in Ottawa and restrictions have been eased. Visit for more information and submit your requests ASAP so that we can have your order ready for pickup when we are able to meet in person.