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DRAFT Weekly Messages April 17th- April 24th

**Click on the bolded links to find out more about each event**

CO's Parade / Training Night  - Thursday April 18th
Dre​ss: C-1 Ceremonial Dress

Monthly Squadron Sponsoring Committee Meeting - Thursday April 18th
Guests are welcome to attend.

Level 3 and 4 Aviation Evaluations - Thursday April 25th
Level 3 Aviation Evaluation review is available on the website Here
Cadets should speak with their level officer should they have any questions or concerns.

Spring Field Training Exercise (FTX) - April 26th-28th
As part of the mandatory training, cadets must participate in a minimum of one (1) survival exercise per training year (Sept-June). However, we strongly encourage cadets to participate in every Field Training Exercise (FTX). The weekend will be filled with learning opportunities, leadership taskings and team building activities all in the essence of surviving in the wilderness. Don't miss out!

Rifle Road Clean Up - Saturday May 4th
706 adopted Rifle Road and every year, the entire squadron gathers together to help keep it clean! This is a mandatory event. Snacks and water will be provided. Come out, help clean our base, socialize and have fun! Keep an eye on the event calendar for more information and to sign up.

Battle of the Atlantic Ceremony - Sunday May 5th
The Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) will be hosting the annual Battle of the Atlantic (BOA) ceremony at the National War Memorial to honour the fallen RCN and Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) heroes. Sign up can be found on the event calendar.

Mess Dinner - Friday May 10th
706 Squadron's Staff and Sponsoring Committee welcome you to attend our annual Mess Dinner! More information to follow. The signup is available on the event calendar.

Power Flying Day - Saturday May 11th
This is an opportunity for cadets to fly in a small aircraft (Cessna 172) for a fantastic view of downtown Ottawa! Cadets will also learn about different aspects of the aircraft and how it flies.

Notice of Election - 2019-2020 Squadron Sponsoring Committee - Thursday May 23
Each year an election is held to fill 11 positions on the Squadron Sponsoring Committee. The new committee's term begins July 1, 2019.
If you are interested in joining the SSC please clink on the above link, or come speak to us on Thursday evenings.

**For more informaiton about each optional activity, click the bolded links. Click the links for each event to find out more about it**

**There are no optional activities taking place this weekend (April 19th - 22nd) due to Easter weekend. Enjoy!**


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