Archery Tag Competition

75 Squadron has invited 706 to attend their Archery Tag Competition this year!
***Read the instructions below carefully***

Where: Archery Games in Ottawa - 1860 Bank Street, Unit #3B
Cadets are expected to find their own way to and from the event.
Waiver: Cadets MUST print and have their parents sign THIS WAIVER and bring it to the event. 
Dress: All cadets and staff will wear appropriate athletic attire suitable for indoor weather conditions. Jeans, tight fitting clothing, exposed midriffs, exposed shoulders, and visible jewelry will not be permitted. Issued equipment: Wearing of cadet-issued clothing or equipment, combat or tactical gear is prohibited.

Cost: To help supplement the cost of the activity, 75 squadron is requesting each cadet contribute ($10 per cadet) to participate.
Sign up:The sign up is first come first served!!! Please respect the instructions below. You will be removed from the sign up if you do not follow the instructions.

Each Squadron is invited to submit one team of 5 cadets consisting of:

  • At least 2 junior cadets
  • At least 1 female cadet


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