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706 Cadet Directives

1. Seasonal Dress - Winter dress is NOW in effect.

  • a) Outerwear - Cadets may don suitable outerwear for variable weather, but will dress according to seasonal orders while indoors. F/Sgts & above shall wear ties when exercising optional dress. Sgts and below may wear turtlenecks or ties at their own discretion. Backpacks & other items shall NOT be carried or worn on parade, but will be placed in a suitable area.
  • b) CO's Inspection - Cadets shall wear C-1 for CO's monthly inspections, the first Parade night of each month unless otherwise detailed.
  • c) Band - Band members may wear the Glengarry in lieu of Wedge headdress, or as ordered by the BandO.
  • d) Nametags - Nametags shall be worn by all cadets. The initial issue of a nametag is done at no cost to the cadet. If a cadet loses his/her nametag, the individual shall be responsible for replacing it at their own expense.
  • e) Civilian Clothing - Civilian attire shall be of a suitable standard when cadets are unable to wear uniforms for any reason during cadet functions. i.e. Shirt & tie for males, comparable clothing for females, NO jeans or athletic style footwear. 

2. Duty NCM shall be assigned to the F/Sgt i/c the scheduled duty flight. The duty NCM call carry out such duties as assigned by the Duty Officer.

3. All questions regarding dress, deportment, drill or ceremonial may be passed to the WO1.

Air Cadet Dress Regulations - Reference

This Cadet Administrative Training Order (CATO) is issued to provide Air cadets with the policy and instructions for wearing the authorized Air cadet uniform.

CATO 54-04

Cadet Uniform Illustrated References

The attached document details the placement of badges, pins, medals and other items on the uniform, as well as hair standards, knotting of the tie and lacing of the boots.

Annex F of CATO 55-04

Air Cadet Uniform - Numbered Orders of Dress

C-1 Ceremonial Dress

  • Worn for ceremonial occasions, such as Annual Inspection, formal parades and other formal occasions.
  • Consists of the same items as C-2 Routine Training Dress, except that medals are worn instead of ribbons (if awarded).

C-2 Routine Training Dress

  • Worn during "Winter Dress" period for regular training and other activities that require the wearing of the uniform.
  • Consists of the following uniform articles:
    • Wedge
    • Tunic with name tag and ribbons
    • Dress shirt with rank slip-ons
    • Tie
    • Pants
    • Belt
    • Grey socks
    • Boots

C-2B Routine Training Dress

  • Worn during "Summer Dress" period for regular training and other activities that require the wearing of the uniform.
  • Consists of the following uniform articles:
    • Wedge
    • Dress shirt with rank slip-ons, name tag and ribbons
    • Pants
    • Belt
    • Grey socks
    • Boots

Civilian Clothing

Civilian clothing (or civvies for short) regulations are set at the Squadron level to ensure that the cadets appearance is always appropriate and at its best.


Male cadets must always be clean shaven when attending cadet activities, even when wearing civvies. Their hairstyle should reflect the occasion as well as the clothes being worn.

Female cadets do not need to have their hair to uniform standards when wearing civvies, but long hair (i.e. hair that must be put in a bun or braid when in uniform) must be gathered in a way that prevents it from falling over the face well as the clothes being worn.

Proper Civvies

Proper civvies should be worn whenever a cadet cannot wear his/her uniform to regular training or other activities.

Proper civvies for male cadets consists of the following:

  • White dress shirt
  • Tie (black)
  • Black dress pants
  • Dress shoes worm with socks

Cadets may wear their squadron T-Shirt instead of the white dress shirt and tie.

During both dress periods, female cadets should wear equivalent clothing.

These serve as a guide to cadets. While cadets are not expected to buy articles of clothing to match the above, these are items they will require for other social functions outside of cadets.

Relaxed Civvies

When cadets are allowed to wear relaxed civvies (during team practices, social occasions or other internal squadron activities), they are free to wear what  they wish as long as it is in good taste and does not include forbidden items listed below.

Sports/PT Gear

During sports or PT (Physical Training) activities, the following items must be worn:

  • Sport shoes and socks
  • Shorts or track pants (depending on preference and temperature)
  • T-shirt (a sweater may be worn depending on temperature)
  • If the activity is conducted outdoors, a hat (baseball cap or other)

Forbidden Items

The following items of clothing and accessories are not to be worn unless specifically authorized by the CO:

  • Hats and baseball caps, unless the activity is conducted outdoors.
  • Oversized, low-rise or ripped pants.
  • Any item of clothing displaying offensive language or images, such as sexual, racial, violent or other inappropriate themes.
  • Females may wear earrings (one per ear). However, other visible piercings (tongue piercings are considered visible) are consider inappropriate. Covering a forbidden piercing with an adhesive bandage (band-aid) is unacceptable.