A word from your Cadet Squadron Commander, WO1 Grewal

Welcome everyone,

My name is Harmeen Grewal and I must say, I don't get to talk about myself very
often so, this is quite exciting! I am an 18-year-old student currently attending the
University of Ottawa for Neuroscience and Psychology. Along with school, I am
also the WO1 at our Snowy Owls Squadron as this is my 6th year in the air cadet
program and can I just take a moment to say WOW, what a ride this has been. I
joined when I was 12 years old frankly because my parents made me but that is
definitely not why I continued it for so long. I was one of those cadets who was
never interested in aviation although, the reason I continued was because this
program is about so much more than just aviation.

In July 2013 I went on my first camp, General Training, in Bagotville QC. This
was my first time ever, away from my parents for so long and I was so scared. I
did not know anybody, and I did not want to know anyone either but that changed
very quickly. To this day, I still talk to many friends I met at every one of my
camps! At this General Training camp, we did a variety of activities such as Drill,
Sports, Aviation, Marksmanship, etc.

When I returned to 706, I joined Drill team, Band and went to Sports Nights
because of the unforgettable experiences I had with those activities at camp.
Later in my cadet career, I went to complete the Drill and Ceremonial Instructor
course along with the Basic Fitness and Sports camp in, Cold Lake Alberta
where I won the Top Cadet award. Bringing the experiences, I learned at camp
back to our Snowy Owl Squadron, as a Warrant Officer Second Class, I landed
myself the position of the Squadron's Deputy Commander which gave me a great
chance to practice and enhance my leadership skills.

My position as a Warrant Officer First Class gives me the opportunity to not only
use my leadership skills for our squadron but also for effective communication
purposes with other cadets and officers. A few goals to set would be to make
sure all cadets receive the proper guidance in becoming the great citizens we all
know they are, participation in activities that interest them within our squadron
and finally, continuing to exceed the standards of drill, dress, and deportment!

Join us in another successful year at the 706 Snowy Owls Squadron!

WO1 Harmeen Grewal