Provincial ACL Bursaries & Scholarships

Air Cadet League - Quebec and Ottawa Valley Provincial Committee

2018 Bursary Information

Application deadline is Thusrday March 8th, 2018

The Air Cadet League of Canada (Quebec and Ottawa Valley Provincial Committee), in concert with private sponsors, will offer an annual $500.00 post-secondary study bursary, per administrative region, to a cadet who will be studying full-time at the post-secondary level during the next academic year. The bursaries aim to:

  • Encourage cadets to pursue their post-secondary education by providing financial assistance; and
  • Recognize overall cadet performance at both the squadron and school levels.

The application form can be found at this link:

These bursaries will be awarded according to the following conditions:

Application deadline is Thusrday March 8th, 2018

Selection criteria:

  • Cadet File (10 points). This will take into account cadet participation during his/her time at the squadron. 
    • Summer Camps: 1 point each (maximum of 5 points)
    • Rank: Cpl/FCpl - 1 point; Sgt - 2 points; FSgt - 3 points; WO2 - 4 points; and WO1 - 5 points
  • School Record (40 points)
    • General average: This will be based on the final report card for the entire preceding school year.
      • 70 to 74% - 10 points; 75 to 79% - 15 points; 80 to 84% - 20 points; 85 to 89% - 30 points; o 90 to 94% - 35 points; and 95 to 100% - 40 points.
  • Letter from School Administrator (10 points). It is important that the candidate attach a letter from a school administrator attesting to the fact that he/she is a full-time student at a recognized educational institution. 10 points are awarded if this attestation is submitted within the established deadline.
  • Personal Narrative (10 points). Candidates must submit a personal narrative justifying their reasons for applying for the bursary. • Interview (30 points). Candidates will be interviewed by a selection board, established by the regional coordinator, which will consider factors such as motivation for further studies, cadet career and personal determination.

Please note that, in awarding these bursaries, priority will be given to cadets who will be returning to their squadrons in September.
Please review the document below for further details on the process and what needs to be submitted.  If you have any questions, please email

Please note: This bursary is open to all Air Cadets in the Ottawa Valley who meet the eligibility criteria.  706 Sqn is only able to submit one application for the bursary to the Regional Committee, to be considered.  The 706 Sqn bursary candidate may be contacted by the Regional Committee for an interview.